Northwest Ohio Dumpster Rental
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Northwest Ohio Dumpster Rental
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Q: When renting a dumpster, am I required to pay a deposit?
No, but we do require a credit card to secure your order.

Q: How long can I keep the dumpster?
Residential dumpster rentals last up to seven days. However, we can pick up a dumpster earlier if you are finished with it. If you are a contractor, feel free to call and discuss your scheduling needs.

Q: Do you protect the driveway?
Yes. We assure all of our dumpsters are placed on boards to protect your driveway from scratches and scrapes.

Q: What dumpster type do I need?
Call us about your project and we can help you figure this out. The size of dumpster you will need typically depends on the home improvement project you are doing or You can get an idea of the size you'll need for your project by checking out the rent a dumpster page

Q: How much notice do I need to give when ordering my dumpster?
Normally we need one day. Feel free to call however, as we might be able to supply you one the same day.

Q: How high can I fill the dumpster?
Up to the top of the dumpster wall line. We ask that you do not go past the top so that we can put a tarp over it to transport without littering the streets and highways.

Q: Do you work with Contractors?
Yes we do. We work with many types of contractors, providing them our dumpster rental service across Northwest Ohio. These contractors include: roofers, general contractors, remodelers, disaster relief contractors and landscapers.

Q: What sets you apart from other dumpster services?
There are many reasons we are the best dumpster rental around Northwest Ohio, here are some of the things that set us apart that you can expect with us!

Q: What areas does Northwest Ohio BTDT provide dumpsters to?
We provide dumpsters to Allen, Erie, Hancock, Hardin, Henry, Ottawa, Putnam, Sandusky, Seneca, Wood, and Wyandot Counties.

Areas Serviced:

Bowling Green | Findlay | Fremont | Fostoria | Lima | Perrysburg | Tiffin | Toledo | Upper Sandusky


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